In vivo Cosmetics


Anti-wrinkles and anti-acne

Through a new 3D Hyperspectral Technology, we quantify the capacity of a treatment in reducing wrinkles of the face on human volunteers, obtaining exhaustive and shocking graphical results. This same technology allows us to quantify protuberances and assess the anti-acne efficacy of a determined treatment.

Whitening and Anti-dark circles

We assess on human volunteers in the same assay, the capacity of a treatment to improve colour uniformity, to decrease pigmentation of the dark circles, the number and the total area of the dark circles. Marketing photography is included.


We analyze on human volunteers the capacity of a certain treatment to modify body temperature, by quantification through 3D HyperSpectral Technology combined with Infrared light. Ideal for anti-cellulite creams that activate the metabolism, massage creams, etc.

Anti-Eye Bags

We assess on human volunteers the capacity of a certain treatment to reduce the bags under the eyes, by quantifying the area, depth and volume of the bag. Photos for marketing are included.

Gene Expression by Tape-Stripping

We analyse on human volunteers whether a treatment induces or inhibits the expression of specific genes, obtaining cells from stratum corneum by tape-stripping, before and after the treatment. This assay is also used to determine penetration in the skin.

Moisturising / Elasticity / Sebum

We quantify on human volunteers moisturising, elasticity and sebum level of the skin, before and after the treatment.

Hair growth and proliferation

We assess the capacity of a determined treatment or active ingredient to stimulate or inhibit the expression of different genes directly involved in hair growth regulation, regeneration and loss (IGF-1, KGF, VEGF, TGF-beta, Noggin, etc.). We extract hair follicles from human volunteers before and after the treatment (in vivo) and compare gene expression through RT-qPCR.

Consumer Perception Study

We analyse the subjective effects of a treatment on human volunteers, through self-assessment questionnaire, according to the client’s needs.