Efficacy Studies

Our Studies allow to determine the Efficacy of Active Ingredients and Final Cosmetic Products, validating the Functionality and Mechanism of Action for products and ingredients, in a novel, rigorous, fast and economical manner.

10 Reasons to trust Bionos

  • Unique capacity for in vitro testing both Active ingredients and Final Products (Undiluted).
  • Excellent Quality/Price ratio.
  • Thorough scientific Final Report.
  • Short time response: 4-6 weeks.
  • Continuos Feedback: Client counseling and continuous reporting.
  • AdaptabilityTailor-made studies, personalization and ongoing development of new tests.
  • Know-how with more than 20 years of experience in national and international research.
  • Access to last generation equipment and techniques (RT-qPCR, UPLC-MS/MS, Flow Citometry, NGS, Confocal microscopy, bioinformatics, etc.).
  • Better assay conditions and more technical and biological replicates.
  • Reputation endorsed by the La Fe Hospital in Valencia.

We have a Catalog with more than 80 different Efficacy Studies classified in claims such as UV / IR / HEV Protection, DNA Repair, Antioxidant Activity, Oxidative Stress Protection and Detoxification, Fat and Sugar Metabolism, Whitening and Tanning Activity, Firming, Anti-inflammation and Calming Effect, Cellular Proliferation and Regenerative Capacity, Epigenetics, Anti-stress and Anti-pollution, Anti-hair Loss, Regulation and Control of Hair Growth, etc.