Bionos Biotech S.L

Testing Efficacy

Bionos Biotech a leading company specialized in Efficacy Testing for Cosmetic and Food-Nutraceutical industries (in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo Bioassays), located in the facilities of the Biopolo of new Hospital La Fe in Valencia.

Mission and Vision

Bionos’ mission is to help cosmetic and food companies in their R&D activities, through advice, design and development of efficacy and functionality bioassays on final product and active ingredients.

Bionos’ aim is to solve the scientific needs of its clients, providing a tangible and differential added value, through tests developed in a rigorous, innovative, cost effective, timely and personalized manner.

Value Proposal

Bionos is part of the research and development process of companies, thus reporting an added value to the products of its customers, through the scientific know-how acquired after more than 25 years of experience in research. The value proposal revolves around the design and development of personalized assays, complying with the strictest scientific rigor, in order to validate the efficacy and functionality of the final products and/or their active ingredients. Bionos develops solutions tailored to the problems or needs of each client, helping them to develop their own R&D through several techniques and possibilities.