Efficacy Studies

Using different platforms, our Studies allow to determine the Efficacy of Active Ingredients and Final Products, validating the Functionality and Mechanism of Action, both in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo, in a novel, rigorous, cost-effective and timely manner.


10 Reasons to trust Bionos

  • Quality: Rigorous and thorough scientific Final Report.
  • Short-time response: 4-6 weeks (final report).
  • Flexibility and better assay conditions (more replicates for a better statistical analysis).
  • Unique capabilities for in vitro testing both Active Ingredients and Final Products (undiluted).
  • Excellent value (Quality/Price ratio).
  • Know-how with more than 25 years of experience in national and international research.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and techniques (RT-qPCR, UPLC-MS/MS, ELISA, Flow cytometry, NGS, Confocal Microscopy, Bioinformatics, 3D cultures, etc.).
  • Quick and continous Feedback. Client counseling and reporting.
  • Adaptability: Tailor-made. Personalization and ongoing development of new tests.
  • Permanent collaboration with Hospitals and Research Centres.


You can choose your assay among the more than 90 different Efficacy Studies organized by claims such as UV/IR/HEV Protection, Antioxidant Activity, Photoaging and Detoxification, Antiaging, DNA Protection and Repair, Glucose and Cholesterol levels, Firming Activity, Whitening and Tanning, Anti-inflammation and Anti-irritation, Weight and Food Intake levels, Polluaging, Proliferation and Regeneration (Wound-Healing), Anti-stress, Obesity biomarkers, Moisturizing Activity and Epidermal Barrier, Penetration, Lipid Metabolism, Hair Efficacy, Energetic Metabolism, Epigenetics, Anti-wrinkles, Anti-dark spots, Anti-eye bags, Thermography, Anti-sebum, etc.

We also design and develop customized specific assays according to your needs.