Efficacy Studies

Using different platforms, our Studies allow to determine the Efficacy of Active Ingredients and Final Products, validating the Functionality and Mechanism of Action, both in vitro and in vivo, in a novel, rigorous, cost-effective and timely manner.


10 Reasons to trust Bionos

  • Quality: Rigorous and thorough scientific Final Report.
  • Short-time response: Mean delivery time of 22 days (final report).
  • Flexibility and better assay conditions (more replicates for a better statistical analysis).
  • Unique capabilities for in vitro testing both Active Ingredients and Final Products (undiluted).
  • Excellent value (Quality/Price ratio).
  • Know-how with more than 25 years of experience in national and international research.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and techniques (RT-qPCR, UPLC-MS/MS, ELISA, Flow cytometry, NGS, Confocal Microscopy, Bioinformatics, 3D cultures, etc.).
  • Quick and continous Feedback. Client counseling and reporting.
  • Adaptability: Tailor-made. Personalization and ongoing development of new tests.
  • Permanent collaboration with Hospitals and Research Centres.


You can choose your assay among the more than 90 different Efficacy Studies organized by claims such as UV/IR/HEV Protection, Antioxidant Activity, Photoaging and Detoxification, Antiaging, DNA Protection and Repair, Glucose and Cholesterol levels, Firming Activity, Whitening and Tanning, Anti-inflammation and Anti-irritation, Weight and Food Intake levels, Polluaging, Proliferation and Regeneration (Wound-Healing), Anti-stress, Obesity biomarkers, Moisturizing Activity and Epidermal Barrier, Penetration, Lipid Metabolism, Hair Efficacy, Energetic Metabolism, Epigenetics, Anti-wrinkles, Anti-dark spots, Anti-eye bags, Thermography, Anti-sebum, etc.

We also design and develop customized specific assays according to your needs.