Spanish CRO Bionos Biotech presents at in-cosmetics global2019-09-04T11:00:21+00:00

Spanish CRO Bionos Biotech will be present at in-cosmetics global Paris 2019 introducing new technologies for in vivo efficacy testing

Bionos Biotech introduces its new Anti-Neck Jowls clinical assay through Bio3D Structured-light Scanner technology.2019-09-04T11:04:26+00:00

Bionos Biotech introduces its new Anti-Neck Jowls clinical assay through Bio3D Structured-light Scanner technology.

Bionos Biotech will exhibit its new R&D bioassays portfolio at In-Cosmetics Asia Bangkok and Cosmetorium Barcelona2019-09-04T11:04:41+00:00

Bionos Biotech will exhibit its new R&D bioassays portfolio at In-Cosmetics Asia Bangkok and Cosmetorium Barcelona.

Functional validation of active MossCellTech No.1 from Mibelle Biochemistry, winner of In-Cosmetics Global Innovation Award2019-09-04T11:05:17+00:00

Autum 2018’s number from magazine Industria Cosmetica, where it is published the article about the collaboration between Bionos Biotech and the swiss company Mibelle Biochemistry, to validate the funcionality of active MossCellTech No.1, winner of In-Cosmetics Global Innovation Award.

Industria Cosmética – Revista Otoño 2018

¿How to protect our skin from Sun exposure in an effective way?2019-09-04T11:05:53+00:00

¿How to protect our skin from Sun exposure in an effective way? Revista LIGHT! 002: Impacto de la fotónica en el sector de la belleza

Screenshot-2018-6-15 LIGHT 002 Impacto de la fotónica en el sector de la belleza

Link to the online magazine:

Bionos belongs to the Project RISE H2020 AlgaeCeuticals2019-09-04T11:06:29+00:00

Microalgae and cyanobacteria represent a formidable source of metabolites: some are toxic, but many others have potential beneficial applications and are attracting a lot of interest from different industrial sectors (food, drugs, cosmetics) seeking for innovative, active and “natural” products.

Microalgae biomass represents a rich source for discovery. The potential for algae-based ingredients in the industry relies on the manipulation and targeting of ingredients to fit increasingly niche product specifications. Microalgae are exposed to extreme environment and thus have developed unique mechanism for protection. Furthermore, these organisms produce different metabolites which we need to identify and exploit in a sustainable way for the production of food, drugs and cosmetics.

Exploitation of the biotechnological potential of microalgae: the AlgaeCeuticals project

Bionos participates at In-Cosmetics Global Amsterdam 20182019-09-04T11:07:14+00:00

Bionos Biotech reaches 1.000 tested products and closes 2017 with a 45 % increase in turnover.2019-09-04T11:07:44+00:00

The Valencian company, focused in efficacy testing for functional active and cosmetic final products, reached 1,000 products tested in last December. Born in January, 2013, the company has been in business for 5 years, exceeding 400 reports and closing 2017 with a 45 % increase in turnover, compared to the past year.

Therefore, the growth figures that Sales & Development Manager, David González, gave to NCP magazine at the end of the first semester of the year, has been confirmed. “Consolidation of important national clients, as well as the international presence we have gained through global exhibitions and the strategic internationalisation plan, allowed us to perform 200 new studies during 2017, exceeding 40 % increase in turnover compared to 2016” – comments David González.

Due to the success obtained at In-Cosmetics Global London and Cosmetorium Barcelona in 2017, the company intends to keep increasing its national and international presence through its attendance at the following events during 2018: In-Cosmetics Global Amsterdam (17-19 April), Cosmetorium Barcelona (26-27 September) and In-Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok (30 October – 01 November).

“We have accomplished with the growth rate that we had planned for 2017, thanks to the good reception and the growing interest that our studies raise at a national and international level” – comments the CEO and Scientific Director, José Luis Mullor. “Fortunately, the effort and work are having its reward and we are being able to return to our customers the trust placed in us. However, there is no other alternative than to continue working as hard as ever to gain the confidence of those clients who have not yet decided to test their actives or products with us, both nationally and internationally. We will continue working as much or more than until now, maintaining our closeness, attention and seriousness, highly valued by our clients” – concludes.

Bionos Biotech selected among the 10 Valencian companies for the European programme SCALE UP2019-09-04T11:07:58+00:00

El jurado del programa europeo SCALE UP, liderado por el IVACE con la colaboración del Centro Europeo de Empresas Innovadoras (CEEI) de Valencia ha elegido a las 10 empresas de la Comunitat Valenciana que se beneficiarán de asesoramiento especializado para crecer y dar el salto a mercados internacionales.

Las empresas seleccionadas son Aquareturn, Bionline, Bionos Biotech, Casfid, Code Prisma, FruitsApp, Play and Go Experience, Koibox, Cronoshare y Uncovercity.

Collaboration between Bionos Biotech, IIS-La Fe and CIPF to validate the use of medaka fish as a screening platform for anti-aging products2019-09-04T11:08:19+00:00

A collaboration between the Valencian company Bionos Biotech, the Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS-La Fe) and the Prince Felipe Research Center (CIPF) has used fish as a platform to validate antioxidant and anti-aging extracts for its later use in humans.

The study, which has been published in the journal Rejuvenation Research, demonstrates the ability of a plant extract to protect against oxidative stress induced and to increase life expectancy in medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) embryos and adults, validating the use of the model as a platform of screening more cheaply and rapidly than through the use of big mammals.

It is widely known that oxidative stress can induce cellular apoptosis and thus play an essential role in the aging process. In the last decades, the use of antioxidant compounds has acquired great relevance, both at the food and cosmetic level, as a result of the different investigations where it is shown that the antioxidant compounds protect the tissues from oxidative stress and contribute to a style of healthier life.

In this sense, the results of this research demonstrate that treatment with a plant extract enriched in polyphenols protects against oxidant effects and counteracts changes in gene expression induced by oxidative stress, increasing superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity and extending life expectancy in adult individuals.

Through this joint research between a private company and two Valencian public institutions, the antioxidant and anti-aging power of the vegetable extract has been demonstrated with positive effects on the life expectancy of the medaka fish. From the same, these results validate the use of the model, at adult and embryonic level, as a screening platform for the cosmetic and food industry.