Disease Models

We develop your own disease model. We have experience with pathologies in zebrafish, medaka fish, mouse, xenopus and human cell lines.

Phenotype Overexpression

We study the efficacy and functionality of a compound, upon transient expression models in medaka fish and zebrafish, through the injection of morpholinos.

Regenerative Capacity

We determine the capacity of a product to increase regenerative capacity, quantifying the rate of regeneration of tail fish fry, after feeding them with the product.


We determine the capacity of a compound or treatment to improve the process of wound healing, through studies in fish, mouse and mice, by histological and photographical techniques.

Inflammatory response

We determine the capacity of a product to protect against inflammatory response induced by an external agent, quantifying biomarkers such as TNFalpha, Il-1, histamine, Il-10, etc. We use peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) extracted from human volunteers.

Teratogenicity and Toxicity

We determine the toxic and teratogenic potential of a determined compound in medaka fish and zebrafish models.