The growth of cosmetic industry in the last decade, together with the new regulations established in last years, increased the necessity of launching to the market products with demonstrated and validated efficacy and functionality. In order to give response to this analytical and scientific demand from manufacturing laboratories, it is prior to develop new techniques of analysis which allow to evaluate the cutaneous surface through sensitive and reproducible methods.

In this sense, the Spanish company focused on efficacy and functionality testing, Bionos Biotech, developed Bio Blue Light Scanner, an innovative technology based in a high-resolution camera and a diffuse and indirect lighting system emitting at 470 nm. This technology allows to obtain pictures from skin surface in high resolution at a high speed, providing uniformity, reproducibility and removing brightness and reflections.

Through a software specifically created to evaluate pigmentation, Bio Blue Light Scanner is able to assess whitening efficacy, anti-dark spots and anti-dark circles under the eye after a determined cosmetic treatment, providing parameters such as total area of dark spots, total number, color uniformity, contrast between pigmentation and normal skin, etc. Likewise, this technology allows obtaining images in different formats, perfect for the marketing and the scientific support of the desired claims.

Bionos Biotech is part of the R&D process of its customers, providing an added value to their products, through the scientific know-how acquired after more than 25 years of experience in research. The value proposal revolves around the design and development of personalized bioassays, complying with the strictest rigor, in order to demonstrate and validate the efficacy and functionality (Claims) of the cosmetic active ingredients and end products. Bionos develops solutions tailored to the problems and needs of each client, helping them to increase their own R&D, using cutting-edge technologies and scientific possibilities.

This year, the company will keep its global expansion being present at Incosmetics Global Amsterdam, New York Supplier’s Day, IFSCC Cosmethic Conference in Milan (Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd), Cosmetorium Barcelona (October 23rd-24th) and Incosmetics Asia in Bangkok (November 5th-7th).