Using the in vitro model Medaka Eleutheroembryos (ME), a product formulated with Melatonin was tested to demonstrate indirect antioxidant activity. At the molecular level, the pathways and mechanisms of signaling between fish and humans are conserved. This method allows the use of the final undiluted formula simulating the usual topical application. In this way, the extrapolation of the data to in vivo is facilitated. This study measures the effects of a product with Melatonin on the expression of the antioxidant genes SOD1, CAT, Nrf2 and GPx1 versus control.

The results demonstrate that topical application of a product containing Melatonin behaves as an indirect antioxidant by regulating the genetic expression of antioxidant enzymes from the start of the metabolic pathway (increasing Nrf2) to the expression of genes responsible of antioxidant enzymes. Therefore, Melatonin has been shown to be effective in boosting the skin against oxidative stress and may be a new ingredient in the treatment of skin aging.

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