Testing by Bionos launches new website for Coronavirus COVID-19 detection tests

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Testing by Bionos launches new website for Coronavirus COVID-19 detection tests

Bionos Biotech launches new website under the brand Testing by Bionos, in order to make easier the access to the Coronavirus COVID-19 detection tests. The Valencia laboratory, located in the University and Politechnic La Fe Hospital, is contributing with all their scientific experience to help in this health global crisis, raised due to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, through the development of PCR and antibodies tests, with responses times below than 24 hours.

Currently, the company is conducting between 200 and 400 daily analyses, between PCR and antibodies tests, both for public organisation such as the Valencian Government, and different private entities. This way, it is being increased the capacity of analysis and trying to relieve the public laboratories collapse, allowing any health department from the Valencian Community to send samples to an accredited center like Bionos Biotech.

Among the private entities collaborating with Bionos, there are companies, nursing homes and day centers, hospitals, health mutuals and schools. Likewise, to facilitate the detection of asymptomatic patients, a new group monitoring system has been designed, which is being applied mainly in schools, day centers, residences and private companies.

The development of this new business area is taking place in parallel to the R&D services activity on which the company is based since its inception in January 2013. As a sign of the great dedication of resources that is being carried out for this area of activity, 7 new people has been hired in the last 4 months. Therefore, the Bionos workforce is currently made up of 18 employees.

Finally, it is also importat to remark that, with the goal of continuing to improve and increase its capacity to carry out in vivo tests for the cosmetic and food industry, the company is carrying out the construction of a new clinic, hoping to being able to open it throughout the month of December. These new facilities will provide better resources and increase the capacity to carry out studies with volunteers, both for the cosmetic and the food industry customers.

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