Why to become a volunteer?

You will be one of the first people in use products which are in the previous phase to its launch into the market. You will help to verify the efficacy and cutaneous tolerance, after using during a specific period. You will benefit from the positive effects that treatments may contribute to your skin or organism, and you will be financially rewarded.

To become part of our database of volunteers entails understanding and being aware of the importance of your participation. The reliability of the results obtained in each of the studies depends on the seriousness and rigor with which you follow the instructions provided.

The requirements to become part of our dabatase are shown as follows:

  • Age > 18 years.
  • To be passionate about cosmetics and use products with relative frequency.
  • To be resident in the province of Valencia, since studies are performed in our facilities (Hospital La Fe, Tower A, 1st Floor).
  • To be punctual in each of the appointments that involve the different studies.
  • Do not suffer from chronic diseases.

Sign up into our database

If you want to participate in our studies with volunteers, enter your data (name and surnames, email, phone, age and time availability) in the following form and we will contact you. You can earn extra money and receive cosmetic samples in each of our assays.