The Valencian company, focused in efficacy testing for functional active and cosmetic final products, reached 1,000 products tested in last December. Born in January, 2013, the company has been in business for 5 years, exceeding 400 reports and closing 2017 with a 45 % increase in turnover, compared to the past year.

Therefore, the growth figures that Sales & Development Manager, David González, gave to NCP magazine at the end of the first semester of the year, has been confirmed. “Consolidation of important national clients, as well as the international presence we have gained through global exhibitions and the strategic internationalisation plan, allowed us to perform 200 new studies during 2017, exceeding 40 % increase in turnover compared to 2016” – comments David González.

Due to the success obtained at In-Cosmetics Global London and Cosmetorium Barcelona in 2017, the company intends to keep increasing its national and international presence through its attendance at the following events during 2018: In-Cosmetics Global Amsterdam (17-19 April), Cosmetorium Barcelona (26-27 September) and In-Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok (30 October – 01 November).

“We have accomplished with the growth rate that we had planned for 2017, thanks to the good reception and the growing interest that our studies raise at a national and international level” – comments the CEO and Scientific Director, José Luis Mullor. “Fortunately, the effort and work are having its reward and we are being able to return to our customers the trust placed in us. However, there is no other alternative than to continue working as hard as ever to gain the confidence of those clients who have not yet decided to test their actives or products with us, both nationally and internationally. We will continue working as much or more than until now, maintaining our closeness, attention and seriousness, highly valued by our clients” – concludes.